September 5, 2007

UPDATE: Fall 2007 Caucus

This message from Tina Feiger updates the status of the next meeting.

Dear Southern California Ombuds Group,

Well, John Abruscata, and Teresa Prator from LAX Ombuds office, and I and Lucy Kluckhohn Jones from the Santa Monica College Ombuds Office, had a small arm wrestle (in the best of Ombuds' traditions) and, as you may have already gathered, the LAX folks won this round to have the fall meeting! Their meeting last year was terrific and besides they provided the best Halloween candy (hint hint, not to put any pressure on them). Lucy and I would very much like to coordinate and host the Spring meeting. We'll discuss further plans at the Fall meeting. We may even contact you about dates before that meeting.

Looking forward to seeing all of you again. Hope you have had a good summer.

Tina Feiger Ed.D.
Santa Monica College Ombuds Office